Birth control pills, all antibiotics, steroid drugs, and any drugs that suppress the immune system response or assist in the rapid reproduction and expansion of candida in the body are responsible for minute colonies of candida to expand like a vast army. They may start in the bowel or vaginal tract then travel throughout the body.

Symptoms ranging from “feeling bad all over”, to allergy-like symptoms and symptoms mimicking those of hypothyrodism and hypoglycemia. Other symptoms include: abdominal discomfort, anxiety, arthritis pain, bloating, canker sores, colitis, constipation, coughs and asthma-like symptoms, depression, diarrhea, dizzy spells, enteritis, fatigue, food intolerance, headaches, heartburn, hiatial hernia, impotence, insomnia, irritability, joint pain, mentrual and sex problems including loss of interest, muscle pain, nasal congestion, numbness, pelvic pain, poor memory, premenstrual tension, prostatitis, environmental sensitivities, sinusitis, sterility, tingling, urinary infection, vaginitis, among others.

Major causes in food are milk sugars, and wheat products. The bacteria feeds on sugars, and yeast containing foods like bread, processed grains, cake, cheese, candy, soft drinks, beer, wine, syrup, honey, root beer, cider, ketchup, processed meats, canned or frozen fruit, and fruit juices—even fruits in general, smoked meats, dried fruits, coffee, tea, melons, buttermilk, sour cream, and all processed foods.

WARNING: Prior to initiating any dietary or nutritional change or program it is important for families to understand that each individual may have their own unique response or responses. Families are encouraged to investigate and evaluate any dietary change or recommendation prior to its implementation and should understand that they are incorporating these recipes, protocols or supplements at their own risk. As with anything that may effect an individuals well being a physician should be consulted prior to its implementation. It is in no way a medical prescription but based upon personal experience.