The S.T.E.P. Institute

The Institute For Spiritual Transformational Enrichment Psychology

In 2008 having been in private practice for 30 years teaching the gentle art of self-healing to thousands of patients, therapists of all types, students, yogis, and physicians, I decided to use my integrative vision of Psychology, Naturopathic Medicine, and Spirituality to found the S.T.E.P. Institute with the directive to teach each individual the art of creating their own path of happiness and well-being. It begins with the understanding that the Divine takes human form to fulfill a purpose or Dharma. In the ancient Sanskrit language Dharma means, “purpose in life”. In Buddhist tradition, Dharma is translated to mean, “to hold” or “to protect” in the larger sense “to hold back negativity” or “to protect from suffering”.

Our path in life is given with a unique talent or set of talents and a unique way of expressing it or them. We also have unique needs. When our needs are matched with the creative expression of our talent, that is the spark that creates affluence, joy, prosperity and happiness. To truly manifest these as permanent long-term dynamics of life, one must first tame or discipline one’s mind. I have always taught my patients that discipline creates the greatest freedom. Freedom is not doing whatever we want whenever we want to. It arises from a disciplined state of mind and it is this discipline, which springs about inner transformation. Simplistically but accurately, a mind disciplined and at peace leads to joy and happiness. A mind undisciplined and not at peace leads to unhappiness and suffering.

At the S.T.E.P. Institute I’ve put together an actual technique for internal transformation based upon the unification of a skillful method and wisdom for the removal of ignorance and suffering by creating an internal state of mind or environment of consciousness (and external), which reflects our own truth. It begins with what I consider the 3 components of the Law of Dharma: 1. We have to discover our true self, and that true self is spiritual. Often it is inside an embryo waiting to be born and express our divinity. 2. The expression of our unique talent takes us into timeless awareness. 3. Being of service. We must combine our ability to express with service to humanity. How can I help instead of what’s in it for me. How can I help is our spirit, what’s in it for me is only our ego.

The world of our action and activity is a precious world. What we do should be worthy of us; worthy of our attention, and intention; worthy of our dignity, divinity, and integrity; and it must conform to a profound respect of ourselves, and others. The deeper side of our spirits can bring the light of love to what we do and then we will do it in a creative and transformative way.

Please look for the S.T.E.P. INSTITUTE’S: 12 STEPS TO HAPPINESS, which will be available soon.