BILL MAHER—Comedian, Author, and Host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher

“Dr. Neil is a great doctor, but a lousy businessman. Since I started going to him seven years ago, he has not nearly gotten the repeat business I used to give to the western doctors I went to before him. Because I don’t get sick now, having learned from him how to be healthy, how the body works, and what to eat. At this moment when America is trying so desperately to trim its 2 and 1/2 trillion dollar health care bill, I can’t help but think that if only everyone in this country had a Dr. Neil to go to, and listened to even half of what he said, we could cut our giant health care bill by 90%. And then give the money to Goldman Sachs.”

BILL MAHER—Comedian, Author, and Host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher 

Larry David - Comedian & Creator of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

"I have the greatest regard for Dr. Neil both personally and professionally. It's not an exaggeration to say that he's changed my life. I no longer think I'm on the verge of death and have ceased worrying about my health. Of course having said that, I probably just put a terrible hex on myself and won't last the week."

Larry David —Comedian & Creator of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” 


Lian Lunson - Filmmaker

I have known Julian Neil for seventeen years.
I know no other person with the insight that Julian has when it comes
to health, nutrition, and overall wellness.
His ability to look at the core of an illness and how to treat it, is as profoundly honest
as it is knowledgeable.
That illness, could be physical, mental or spiritual. His teachings of Kundalini yoga and
it's benefits have had a profound impact on my life, along with his nutritional guidance and
exemplary medical counsel.
I can only describe Julian's practice as deeply authentic, and one that honors the human condition in all it's complexities, beauty and intelligence.

Lian Lunson- Filmmaker. 


Laura Mehlman - Graphic Designer, NY

Dr. Julian Neil is a brilliant modern day Medicine Man. I have been working with Dr. Neil by phone since 2004 and although we have never met in person, I can truly say that the distance from NY to LA is non-existent. He is an extraordinary healer of mind and body, approaching all maladies with grace and wisdom. Everything about his way flows with compassion and strength. The most difficult issues are softened when working with Dr. Neil. His spiritual guidance is filled with love and acceptance always allowing one the freedom to feel and to heal in an atmosphere of non-judgmental acknowledgement. Safe to discuss anything, even my craziest visions, silly synchronicities, and darkest moments. Dr. Neil has helped guide me through times of great challenge and into a place of peace. His advise on nutrition, meditation and yoga has effected a significant change in my wellbeing and lowered my blood pressure. He is a Healer in the truest sense of the word, offering the kind of support and guidance that mends the heart, mind, body and soul. A Holistic Practitioner, Psychoanalyst, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Yogi, Shaman, Teacher, Confidant, Friend and above all a Gifted Healer; Dr. Neil is an inspiration and a wonderful human being. It is my privilege and a blessing to know and work with him.

Laura Mehlman - Graphic Designer, NY 

Gahl Sasson - Astrologer, Kabbalist and author

Dr. Julian Neil is a Renaissance healer. He is a rare combination of a yoga master, naturopathic doctor, alchemist of the soul, profound psychoanalyst and dynamic leader of therapy groups. I have experienced Dr Neil's healing abilities not only with my own body mind and soul but have also sent his way hundreds of seekers that have found him just as engaging and powerful as I have. If each person on this planet adheres to Dr Neil's healing remedies and insights, the world would truly be a healthier better and more entertaining place.

Gahl Sasson - Astrologer, Kabbalist and author

Cathy Graber - VP, Publicity, Sony Pictures Releasing International

I have found happiness in my life and I believe I would not be where I am today without having worked with Dr. Julian Neil as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher for many years. His insight, compassion and guidance have helped me to make the necessary changes in my life order to find the peace and balance I have always desired.

Cathy Graber

VP, Publicity,
Sony Pictures Releasing International 

Melinda Farrelly, Ojai, CA

 Dr Neil is like a midwife of Souls. His nurturing care and support
have guided me into a deeper understanding of myself. The depth of
his wisdom and understanding have made him my one-stop shop. Dr Neil
is my naturopath, my therapist, my spiritual advisor, my child
development expert, and last but not least a trusted friend.

Melinda Farrelly, Ojai, CA.

Steve Byrnes - writer, performer, hypochondriac

Dr Julian Neil is a Renaissance Healer whose preventative approach has kept me healthy through every epidemic, and well from head to toe. Dr. Neil practices Naturopathic medicine, integrating body and mind-- the only approach that makes sense. Dr. Neil’s fierce power of persuasion has me eating grains I’ve never heard of out of a thermos, rubbing coconut oil and garlic on my body, and doing unspeakable acts on a board.

Steve Byrnes,

writer, performer, hypochondriac