Chorionic Gonadotrophin Urinalysis

Test will be inaccurate if patient is pregnant, has used birth control pills or female hormones in the previous two months, has a badly deteriorated liver, or if the urine contains more than 100cc of albumen or a moderate amount of blood.

Directions for the Urine Test

  1. From an early morning urine take 100cc (equivalent to 3 1/2 oz.) and 400cc (14 oz.) of acetone (available in paint and drug stores) and 15cc (1/2 oz.) of alcohol, either rubbing or ethyl. Stir and mix well.
  2. Let stand in refrigerator for 2 hours until sediment is formed. Throw off excess urine-acetone without losing sediment. Filter the remainder using coffee filter paper or laboratory filter paper.
  3. When filtration is over, dry the filter paper with its sediment. When dry, fold and send by air mail to:

    Navarro Clinic
    3553 Sining Street
    Morningside Terrace D-402
    Santa Mesa, Manila, Philippines
    Dr. Navarro e-mail: efnavm​ed[at]gmail[dot]c​om

    Send $50 U.S. money order or cashier's check to:
    Erlinda N. Suarez
    631 Peregrine Drive
    Palatine, IL 60067
    847-359-3634 evening

  4. Make sure the name and address of the patient is in the envelope.
    Give sex and age and one sentence of what the patient is feeling or has.
  5. PRECAUTION: No sex contact 4-5 days for females before collecting urine for test. For males, 18-24 hours is needed. Do not send urine of pregnant women.  

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