DAY 1-3:

Wake-up every morning and drink an 8oz. glass of water with 1 Tblsp. of Epsom Salts (this tastes vile but get it down).
Then you will drink an 8oz. Glass of a citrus solution made in the same proportions: a) One-half gallon of the citrus solution

b) One –half gallon of distilled water

Note: To make the one-half gallon of citrus solution you will need: 6 grapefruits, 3 lemons, and the rest oranges (organic of course). I cannot say how many oranges because I don’t know how much juice will come from the other fruits –just use enough to make a half-gallon.

You will drink an 8oz. glass of this GALLON mixture every half hour beginning a half hour right after you drink the Epsom salt solution—for the rest of the day until it’s finished—I think it’s over an eight hour period. If you’re really hungry late in the day or evening you may drink some celery juice only.

Note: You MUST do a Colema Board every night of the entire FAST—and my recommendation is you continue this for one week after the fast. This is a very aggressive fast and you must help the body eliminate the toxins you’ve asked it to purge from your cells.

DAY 4-6:

You will drink a mixture of pure organic vegetable juice FOUR times a day for the rest of the fast.

Note: You may have as much of these juices as you like but in these proportions.

The juices will be in the following proportions.

Morning:8 oz. of carrot juice
2 oz. of spinach juice

Lunch: 6 oz. of carrot juice
3 oz. of celery juice

Mid-day:4 oz. of celery juice
4 oz. of cucumber juice
2 oz. of green pepper juice

Dinner:4 oz. of carrot juice
3 oz. of celery juice
2 oz. of beet juice
1 oz. of spinach juice

Six days is the maximum to do this fast. So do three and three or two and two.

Note: It is important to rest during a fast, especially this one, as your body needs a lot of energy to do what you’re asking it to do.

4. To break the fast on the seventh (or fifth day) you must have a soft protein like coddled eggs (a form of soft boiling an egg). Eat it with a piece of toast and a little raw spinach. Then continue diet as normal. Hopefully you will begin to use a thermos cooked cereal every morning after. Try not to auto-intoxicate with food or drink after this fast. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY FASTING! YOUR BODY WILL LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR IT.  

WARNING: Prior to initiating any dietary or nutritional change or program it is important for families to understand that each individual may have their own unique response or responses. Families are encouraged to investigate and evaluate any dietary change or recommendation prior to its implementation and should understand that they are incorporating these recipes, protocols or supplements at their own risk. As with anything that may effect an individuals well being a physician should be consulted prior to its implementation. It is in no way a medical prescription but based upon personal experience.